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Yeast Recipes
Searching for yeast bread recipes? We have recipes for bread machine bread, cinnamon rolls, yeast breads, buns, and more.

Bagels I

Recipe by: Sally
The dough for these plain white bagels can be prepared in the bread machine or kneaded by hand. To cook, simmer them in boiling water and then bake in the oven.

Bagels II

Recipe by: Ann
This easy-to-follow recipe will give you a more dense variety of the plain white bagel. It also offers well-detailed instructions for the traditional method of making bagels.

Barbecue Ham Pizza

Recipe by: STEPHNDON
This is one of our favorite pizzas. It's great with regular pizza sauce as well, but the barbecue gives it a delicious new twist which compliments the ham and pineapple perfectly.

Batter White Bread

Recipe by: Ed
This is a yeast bread that requires no kneading! A brief, vigorous mixing is sufficient for this simple white bread.

Beaver Tails from a Real Canadian

Recipe by: Court the Canuck
A yummy home-made version of a Canadian classic made famous by well known establishments throughout Canada. This recipe makes many Beaver tails. They are also delicious with a smear of jam or apple pie filling.


Recipe by: ginampls
A traditional New Orleans-style recipe for their famous beignets! Grab a cafe au lait and you're set!

Best Bread Machine Bread

This very easy-to-follow recipe promises to be foolproof. It makes a soft bread with a flaky crust.
Yellow cake mix is the secret to the success of these yeasted cinnamon buns. They make a rich, sweet breakfast treat.

Bill's Braisin Bread

Here's my own recipe for raisin bread made with raisin bran cereal. Enjoy.

Blue Ribbon Overnight Rolls

Recipe by: Pam Vienneau
This recipe will give you yeast dinner rolls made rich with eggs. Let them rest overnight before baking.