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Yeast Recipes
Searching for yeast bread recipes? We have recipes for bread machine bread, cinnamon rolls, yeast breads, buns, and more.
Frozen bread dough takes on an Italian flavor with fresh rosemary.

Soft Herb Rolls

Recipe by: Safeway
Rich, single-rise dinner rolls sparkle with fresh parsley, chives, dill, and rosemary. For convenience, you can even refrigerate them up to 24 hours before they rise and bake.

Cinnamon Rolls

Recipe by: Safeway
Maybe the most irresistible breakfast treat of all time. Put them in the fridge the night before, and they'll be ready to bake and frost in the morning.

Honey Bunny

Recipe by: Safeway
This can be a family project if the kids help shape and decorate these sweet holiday breads.

Indian Chapati Bread

Recipe by: INSHA87
A simple but delicious recipe for Indian flatbread. Serve with Indian curry, main dishes, or even use to make sandwich wraps. Enjoy!

Bread in a Bag

Recipe by: southernbelle
Simple, delicious homemade bread! Great for kids who are anxious to help out with dinner. Simply 'squish' ingredients in a large resealable bag before lightly kneading and baking!
A hearty, healthy bread that combines bread, rye, and whole wheat flours with cocoa and molasses.

Bill's Braisin Bread

Here's my own recipe for raisin bread made with raisin bran cereal. Enjoy.
Lovely cinnamon rolls with a gooey pecan topping. This is an Stougaard old family favorite. Not the easiest to make, but well worth the trouble. Gooey and sweet. Best eaten fresh from the oven. I usually double the recipe because if you go to the trouble to make yeast rolls - make lots.

Beaver Tails from a Real Canadian

Recipe by: Court the Canuck
A yummy home-made version of a Canadian classic made famous by well known establishments throughout Canada. This recipe makes many Beaver tails. They are also delicious with a smear of jam or apple pie filling.