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Turkey Recipes
Searching for turkey recipes? We have recipes for roast turkey, turkey burgers, turkey meatloaf, and more.
These quick hot pockets use refrigerated pizza dough and are filled with turkey, Cheddar cheese, bacon and ranch dressing.

Two-Hour Turkey

Recipe by: Safeway
Prep and cook a turkey in two hours.
Make this as a main dish or a hearty appetizer.
You can taste the Southwest flavors in this tasty turkey dish.
A day and a half of soaking in brine will maximize this flavorful dish.
The honey and bourbon bring distinctive flavors to this dish.
This dish will be a hit at any holiday party!
A traditional turkey burger gets a makeover when stuffed with basil and Cheddar. Serve with baked chips if you'd like.
Fresh pesto and roasted turkey add exceptional flavors to an everyday grilled cheese. You can store extra Mixed Herb Pesto in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. This recipe can easily be doubled to serve two or even quadrupled to serve four.
This simple sandwich takes Thanksgiving leftovers to a whole new level.