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Thanksgiving Recipes
Searching for Thanksgiving recipes? We have recipes for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and more.

Two-Hour Turkey

Recipe by: Safeway
Prep and cook a turkey in two hours.
Creamy, fluffy, and delicious, this simple recipe ensures the perfect side dish every time.
A stuffing like no other, this easy recipe is perfect for your next special occasion…or any night of the week.
The distinct flavor of molasses adds extra richness to this classic dessert.
Equally tasty with crackers or apple slices, this hot and delicious duo is ready for spreading in less than three minutes.
A delicious treatment for Brussels sprouts includes crisp-fried pancetta and sauteed onion.
A tasty topping to your favorite fish, pork, or turkey dish, this zesty fruit relish is easy to make in any food processor.

Easy Turkey Gravy

Recipe by: Safeway
Browned flour, chicken broth, and the savory juices from your roasted turkey create a truly tasty gravy.
Savory Italian ingredients give traditional American dressing international flavor. Delizioso!
Versatile, bright and colorful, homemade cranberry sauce is not only the perfect side dish for holiday turkey, but fabulous on a turkey or roast beef sandwich.