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Cranberry Meatballs

Recipe by: SUSANNECS
These are wonderful vegetarian meatballs with a sweet and sour sauce. They're simple to make and they disappear very quickly. Make these for Christmas holiday parties. If you don't have veggie burger patties, you may use TVP, textured vegetable protein, that's available at most health food stores.
These baked, ground lamb meatballs are flavored with feta and green olives.
My mother first made these for me and now I made them all the time - incredibly delicious! Serve as a main course, an appetizer.. doesn't matter, they always taste great!

Fast and Friendly Meatballs

These oven-baked meatballs are fast and easy to prepare and very kid friendly. You can serve them with pasta and spaghetti sauce or just eat them with ketchup, as my children do.

Kickin' Meatballs

A zippy new take on the traditional meatball dish, the real secret in the flavor is the combination of the cumin, dill, and pepperjack cheese, which leaves the meatballs nice and moist and has everyone asking for seconds!
Tender lamb meatballs are served on a bed of crunchy cabbage in this satisfying warm main dish salad.

Manhattan Meatballs

Recipe by: Lois Nimal
Sweet and sour meatballs that will be a hit at any party.
Meatballs simmered in pizza sauce and sweetened with apple jelly are served on hoagie rolls and topped with mozzarella cheese.

Meatballs and Sauce

Recipe by: Tom
Meatballs marinated overnight in a savory sauce, then reheated just before your party!
This Greek-inspired meal of herb-filled meatballs served over hot rice is sure to please.