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Salads Recipes
Searching for salad recipes? We have recipes for green salads, pasta salads, tuna salads, potato salads, and more.

Mediterranean Salad Stuffed Bell Peppers

Recipe by: Safeway Culinary Kitchens
Safeway® Farms Mediterranean chopped salad combined with cooked pearl couscous and grilled chicken stuffed into colorful bell peppers. Light and satisfying. Perfect for a springtime luncheon party.

Black Beans a la Olla

Recipe by: kimmers
Fresh herbs gives a hot Spanish flair to this black bean dish. It's a favorite from my Argentine boyfriend. This is traditionally served over rice.
I tasted many salads with similar ingredients, but all seemed very bland, so I developed this myself. It is dressed with a lime vinaigrette and has lots of crunch and flavor with a little jalapeno pop. It's wonderful to make in summer with fresh ingredients from the garden or farmer's market. This is great with BBQ's or for potlucks. My husband likes it best with fish tacos.
When the weather sizzles, this watermelon salad with balsamic vinegar, crumbled feta cheese, and fresh herbs cools and refreshes.
The lemon-honey vinaigrette dressing in this salad brings out the fresh flavors of grilled eggplant and mint.
Here's a classic potato salad recipe, with red onion, dill pickles, hard-boiled eggs, and red bell pepper for crunch and color--and it serves a crowd!


Recipe by: Safeway
This variation on a classic coleslaw has the kick and color of red and green jalapeno peppers along with red cabbage and carrots in a creamy buttermilk dressing.
Crunchy fresh bell peppers and celery bring extra texture to this easy chicken salad with mayo and Italian dressing.
The toasted almonds bring life to this salad.
A quick, easy meal sure to please. Delicious combination of textures and crunch.