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Cake Recipes
Searching for cake recipes? We have recipes for carrot cake, banana cake, chocolate cake, white cake, or sponge cake.
Upside-down cakes are baked in canning jars with fruit on the bottom for a versatile and pretty party dessert.
Hide a luscious surprise--a thick band of semisweet chocolate--in the center of this rich cake.

Cookie Crunch Coffee Cake

Recipe by: Safeway Culinary Kitchens
Safeway SELECT Soft & Chewy Moosetracks Fudge Chunk Peanut Butter cup cookies swirled into a moist coffee cake with more cookies crumbled on top. A unique twist on a favorite comfort cake.
Turn your cupcakes into flowers!
Make sure you have assorted candies on hand to make the cupcakes look extra special.

Bunny Tail Cake

Recipe by: Safeway
Fun to make cake that will bring smiles to kids of all ages
Perfect for a child's Valentine party, these novelty cupcakes are frosted and decorated all over as little Valentine "monsters."

Touchdown Cake

Recipe by: Safeway
The Touchdown Cake is perfect for the next tailgate party! Every football fan will love this easy-to-make, moist and delicious Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake. It's fun to decorate and to display. And even more fun to eat.
Fresh apples, lemon zest, and vanilla bring moisture and richness to this easy one-layer cake.
This classic upside down cake is topped with a delicious apple and cranberry mixture sweetened with maple syrup.