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Asian Recipes
Searching for Asian recipes? We have recipes from Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, and more.
Chow mein noodles mixed with Asian Sesame chopped salad and topped with sliced grilled chicken.
Mild white fish is steamed in the microwave with ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil in this Asian-inspired dish.
Slivered orange zest, orange marmalade, and red pepper flakes add strong, hot citrus flavor to this stir-fry of round-steak strips. Steamed rice is a perfect accompaniment for this dish.

Pepper Steak

Recipe by: Safeway
This Asian-inspired beef sitr-fry tastes great over hot rice or noodles.
To save on cleanup, microwave the rice first and use the same container for combining the remaining ingredients. Packaged grilled tofu can be found in most supermarkets in the refrigerated case along with the other soy and organic products.
Look for water-packed tofu, which will hold its shape when cooked and tossed with the rice noodles. If rice noodles are unavailable, substitute angel hair pasta.
Balance hot and bold Thai flavors with cool and sweet salad vegetables and tender turkey for a delectable dinner salad.
Wild rice, butternut squash, cremini mushrooms, and roasted turkey blend perfectly in this comforting, robust soup.
Poaching the fish in a ginger-infused broth keeps the fish tender and flavorful. Serve with stir-fried mixed vegetables and rice for a balanced meal.
Enjoy this hot and fast stir-fry with noodles or rice for an Asian-inspired meal any night of the week.