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Reviewed by: Maria
My kids love chocolatey hot cocoa so I added 6 cups of cocoa and an additional 1 & 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. I ran everything through the food processor and it made the smoothest, richest cocoa ever.
Reviewed by: fulofgrace
I thought it was a very good recipe. It doesn't make very much and powdered milk is expensive. I don't know if it is that much better than store bought to make it worth the price. I like this recipe because it is a dry mix and can be stored and used later. I thought it would be good for my large crowd at Christmas but like I said, it only made about 6 cups.
Reviewed by: Brad
Very Easy, Very Chocolaty, Very Good!
Reviewed by: IMJEN2
We didn't like this at all... Too thin and watery. "Hot Chocolate Mix II" is a much better option.
Reviewed by: RAVENSIS
Great, easy hot cocoa mix. I made it, and used it for gifts, along with a nice, big cocoa mug. I added a bit of cinnamon and some mini-marshmallows, and it was even better! I second the recommendation of flavored powdered creamer. Hazelnut, french vanilla, and sweet italian cream are my favorites to use
Reviewed by: yvonne
Decadent hot chocolate mix--especially if you follow a few other reviewer's suggestions. Definitely put the powdered milk through the food processor--it makes all the difference. I increased the (Hershey)cocoa to 2 cups & used flavored non-dairy creamer, but left the powdered sugar the same. (I do not care for super sweet.) This made a rich, smooth cocoa that certainly gives the very expensive stuff a run for its money! Thanks for sharing!
Reviewed by: butterfly75
This is super easy and makes a great gift. I put it in glass jars witha bag of mini marshmallows.
Reviewed by: GJC
Quite tasty and creamy. I prefer slightly darker hot chocolate.
Reviewed by: sadieandleo
Love it! Very easy to mix up and give as treats for Christmas. I added crushed up little bits of peppermint candy canes to the mix and it gave it a nice holiday flavor. I also used Hersheys Dark Chocolate Cocoa instead of the plain and it was delicious.
Reviewed by: *ROBIN*
Just a note...this is a super recipe, but you will want to stick with the powdered sugar, only because it helps to make it thick and rich, and unless you use superfine sugar, white sugar will most likely end up at the bottom of the container because it's heavier than all the other ingredients. I added a bit more cocoa powder, and also added a jar of amaretto creamer to a batch, it was amazing!! For a batch for the kids I added about a cup and a half more powdered sugar, and on another batch I added cinnamon sticks inside the containers I sent. I have never had so many raves...this is a keeper, and one to definetly experiment with!! :) *Extra added Note* I just made a new batch omitting one cup of the milk for 2 small containers of cinnamon creamer, and using 1 cup of nestles quick along with the cocoa (ok, so christmas is depleting my pantry a bit!) :) But it was so incredibly good that I decided to keep the whole batch for our family and go to the store to make a new one!! One Last note, added in 2009, while making the cocoa last year, I found that making it all in a big kitchen trash bag made this SO much easier to mix...really, try it, you'll love it!!
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