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Reviewed by: Alison VL
Reviewed by: prtyktyz
AWESOME! Used for grilling on a top cut and filet minons .. amazing on both!
Reviewed by: msmerican
I have made this marinade many times and experimented with slight variations. I prefer Newcastle beer, Lawry's Teriyaki, and I like using fresh garlic instead of garlic powder. I also recommend using a strainer before cooking the marinade into the basting sauce.
Reviewed by: icook
My family LOVED this marinade. I changed nothing and it turned out great!
Reviewed by: odaroagh
So good! I'm a newb cook so I got carried away with the marinating, didn't know you can over do it. Anyways it was great just don't over marinate if you want to taste your steak. ( it rhymes! )
Reviewed by: lintacious
The blend of flavors was incredible! First we tasted the sweet, then the teriyaki, then the beer! It tasted so delicious. I marinated the steak in a plastic bag for about 24 hours.
Reviewed by: mashikra
LOVE IT!!! Though, I used worcestshire and soy sauce instead of teriyaki (b/c that's all I had). Make a little extra sauce for dipping. YUMMY!!!
Reviewed by: cooknmama
YUMMY! I am not a huge fan of dark beer and might try this recipe again with a lighter beer, maybe Heineken. This recipe is a definite keeper! Thanks.
Reviewed by: Crystal S
Okay marinade. Not bad, not great! My 4 wheeling group gave this a 6 out of 10. Sorry, probably won't make it into the rotation.
Reviewed by: Chef Kris
Tasty, beer and steak, ya can't lose. Nice flavors. A must have marinade for BBQ season.
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