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Reviewed by: dgibbons71
This was absolutely amazing. I was really hesitant because I usually only make things that contain somekind of cheese! I made this exactly as described in the recipe. The only one thing I did different was after it was made, I transferred everything to a new bowl and got rid of a lot of the extra liquid. It was still a little watery when people were scraping the bowl, but it was definitely a hit. Thanks for such a great recipe. I'll definitely make again.
Reviewed by: Linda
Really good for our senior Happy Hours. I add a bit of minced garlic to zest it up, if Avocado is not always avaliable, I throw in some drained canned corn. Yummy
Reviewed by: rwarner2005
Wow! This is so delicious. Holds well together even after three days. I used one can of black-eye peas and one can of black beans and kept everything else the same.
Reviewed by: vegard
Yummy recipe. I substituted a can of black beans and a can of sweet corn for the black-eyed peas and added about 1/2 cup chopped red bell peppers. My husband can't keep his hands off it.
Reviewed by: shumards5
I cant say enough about this one! I made it for our new years eve party and it was such a hit that I had an empty bowl before midnight! I didnt change anything in this recipe.
Reviewed by: MONICA6616
I totally tweeked this recipe, only because I had cherry tomatoes and didn't want to chop up tiny tomatoes. I made recipe as posted, except I used cherry tomatoes, omitted the jalapeno peppers (because I was serving it to my kids), and added mozzerella pieces and black olives. This was more of a spoon/fork salad for us than a dip. Didn't was fantastic!! We served this on New Year's Eve and loved it!
Reviewed by: butterflymomma
One of my favorite dips, sooo delicious! I substitute chopped green onion for the sweet onion and add a clove of minced garlic. Such a wonderful recipe!
Reviewed by: angelique1588
This dip was so easy and so good! It makes a lot, but holds over well, if by some miracle it's not all gone the first time you serve it. I used one can of black-eyed peas and one can of black beans and it came out perfect. All the people at the party raved over it and I had several requests for the recipe.
Reviewed by: megameaghan1
This was okay but a little watery.
Reviewed by: Sia
awesome, quick crowd pleaser. added cilantro and fresh lime juice. outstanding!
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