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Reviewed by: Maren
This is a fantastic recipe! As a novice candy maker I found the ball test in cold water to be more reliable than the candy thermometer. This recipe is a hit with the family during the holidays.
Reviewed by: MrsFisher0729
These are very least the part stuck to my spatula was! They are in the fridge cooling as I type. I cooked on low so I didn't burn the caramels, but it took over an hour to get to 242. I cranked the heat up gradually to get it to boil faster, but still kept it no higher than level four on my cooktop.
Reviewed by: SHALOZBY
My husband, my coworkers and I really dig this recipe. The caramels are fresh, buttery, smooth and addictive. I changed one thing about the recipe, however, and added another step - first, I cook it just a little longer to 245 degrees as opposed to 245. Also, I found that if I "polish" the cut caramels with corn starch that they aren't so greasy. I do this by coating each one in corn starch and letting them sit for 10-15 minutes and then wiping off the cornstarch with a cloth or paper towel. The starch absorbs the excess grease without changing the flavor or consistency. This also makes them less apt to stick to the wrapper or plate.
Reviewed by: Candy
This is the perfect caramel recipe. This was my first time making caramels and they turned out wonderful! Thanks for the great recipe.
Reviewed by: Mark H
One word is enough. AWESOME
Reviewed by: Brett Janicek
I really enoyed this recipe "as is". I read several reviews were people had problems with the consistancy of the caramel. 245 t0 250 degrees is the standard for firm ball stage at sea level. If you are above sea level then you should use your thermometer to see at what temperature water boils at your altitude. You then subtract that temperature from the standard of 212 degrees that water boils at sea level. Using that differential, subtract it from the standard 245-250 firm ball stage and that will give you a more accurate temperature of what the firm ball stage is at your altitude. EXAMPLE: I live at 4700 ft. water boils here at 213 degrees. For firm ball at my altitude I shoot for 236 to 241 degrees. Also, you should shut the heat off a few degrees early as the temperature will continue to rise even after you remove it from the heat. I hope that this helps.
Reviewed by: ladybuggs5224
These have wonderful flavor and are relatively simple to make but the temp is a bit off. I cooked to the reco temp and mine are still a bit chewy but kind of hard (I was hoping for a softer candy) so next time I will test during the end stage rather than relying on the temperature. With some experimenting this will make for a nice solid recipe =))
Reviewed by: GLITZYSTAR
I used half the butter that the recipe called for and no vanilla. I was really pleased with the results. When the caramel was cool enough to the touch but still pliable, I ripped off pieces and rolled them into little balls. When the balls were completely cool, I bathed them in good, melted chocolate and left them to cool. Wow! Little caramel chocolate poppers... what a treat!!
Reviewed by: anabel
DELICIOUS! I used half white sugar and half pourable brown sugar. WOW! I made three batches in less than a week. They make great gifts!
Reviewed by: Dena
This is truly a "melt in your mouth" candy....can't stop eating them!!!! Thanks for the recipe!
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