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Reviewed by: TTirado
yum. We used a less packed snow and the consistency was outstanding, soft, fluffy,creamy melt in you mouth kind of good. My 3 year old loves to help make this.
Reviewed by: tinahead
very tastey!
Reviewed by: Kim M
Suprisingly very tasty. Almost like a frozen cream soda. I mixed the cream base up first and then gradually added in the snow.
Reviewed by: mfsbrown
Here in Alabama we rarely get the type of snow needed for this. We always made this when I was younger, and now for 3 years in a row I have been able to enjoy snow cream again! Today, I didn't have milk so I used half & half and it was still delicious
Reviewed by: J2Mom
We have had more than 3 feet of snow in the past week so I had to do something to help get rid of it. Snow ice cream to the rescue! Lots of fun and pretty yummy to eat. We packed the leftovers in a plastic tub and put it in the freezer. It's not too bad the next day either. I pour a little maple syrup on mine.
Reviewed by: moodymom
Exactly like we made it when I was a kid. No, it's not like ice cream. That's kinda the point. It is simple, yummy and fun. Kids think it's so awesome to eat "ice cream" made out of snow. It's more like a vanilla shake IMO, but worth a try. My aunt used an electric mixer and that gives it a different taste for some reason. I like it hand stirred, but try it both ways.
Reviewed by: STEPHANISAT
I made this for my sons tonight, and they loved it. They want me to make more tomorrow. I love it because it's a recipe that they can make, too.
Reviewed by: julieannetx
We made this with Almond Milk (Regular) and it was delicious! It made it a little sweeter and gave it a slight almond taste. So good and so easy. Lots of fun for the kids and me!
Reviewed by: karsell
In south Mississippi we don't get much snow but every time it does I make snow ice cream just like this. I like that it doesn't have raw eggs and my girls absolutely love it!!! I may try some additional ingredients for flavor this time around since we have gotten around 6 inches of snow! Yay!!
Reviewed by: NOMAD68
Very good, traditional recipe ingredients from my childhood. It isn't ice cream, it's snow cream. But for those expecting a little more, substitute half & half for milk and pre-mix sugar (or powdered sugar even better) and vanilla in that prior to fluffing into the snow.
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