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Reviewed by: Carol
I used tomato paste. Use juice from 8 oz. pineapple (crushed or diced) and measure it with water.
Reviewed by: BethStrate
This sauce is PERFECT!!!! I LIVE in China. I am living here and teaching English. My CHINESE friends ask me for the recipe because they say it is the best they have had!!! Try this FOR SURE!!!! :) Well Done!!
Reviewed by: p1gardener
This simple recipe for sweet and sour sauce is the best. I used ketchup in it instead of tomato paste. I may never buy bottled sauce again!
Reviewed by: Karissa Liz
I make this recipe (by family request) like at least once a month. I have found that using crushed pineapple, or using a stick blender after it is all completed. It speads out the sweetness.
Reviewed by: garling23
Awsome Reciepe! I made this sauce recently for my family and it was a huge hit! Way better then any other that I have tasted... threw out my old sweet and sour recipe, and replaced it with this one!
Reviewed by: Glenda B.
This was a really easy and great companion to our egg rolls. I did make a few tweeks. I had a cup of Chicken broth that needed used so used it and 1 cup water, and subsituted apple cider vinegar (didn't have any white on hand), and omitted the pineapples as my boys to like them. Will defiantley add to our recpie box (with the changes of course) Gave it 4 stars we though it was 5 star with the changes and didn't make it excactly as written
Reviewed by: mrs.embee
This was a good pairing for the "Best Eggrolls" on this site. I used the juice of the pineapple (not the tidbits) and cut the sweetness with a few shakes of soy sauce while it was simmering. Next time I will cut this recipe in half because it makes so much!
Reviewed by: Daisy Mae
This was GREAT! I used rice vinegar, used 3/4 c brown sugar (and may cut back more next time), used the pineapple juice from a large can of pineapples instead of water and a couple splashes of soy sauce. I threw some of the pineapple chunks in the sauce (just like the chinese restaurant)--it was awesome! I paired this with the fried butterflly shrimp on this site....oh boy are you in for a treat!
Reviewed by: cmonto
This is realy a great sauce. I started it with 1/2 onion, 1/2 red bell pepper and 1/2 green bell pepper chopped and sauteed, then I added the pineapple juice mixed with water to make 2 cups and the other ingredients. I used 3/4 C reg white sugar and 3/4 C brown sugar, instead of all white, and I only had a little bit of tomatoe paste left from something else so I made up the difference with ketchup. My family loved it! I served it over some vegetarian meatballs at a potluck and the dish got slicked up! Maybe I'll post the vegetarian meatball recipe later.
Reviewed by: JUSTSHERRY
My family loves this easy recipe with fried pork/chicken over rice, and can't wait for me to make it again. Excellent recipe-Thank You!
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