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Reviewed by: merrilee
I followed the instructions the original way but did do the 45 minutes cooking time. This was my first bundt cake and it was perfect everyone loved it. Everyone that sat around the table after dinner kept eating it as we chatted. I will definitely make this again and again
Reviewed by: HJasper2010
i had been looking for a good, moist lemon cake recipe and i found it! very very moist! delicious! will be making this again!
Reviewed by: LIZZIEMAY
I made this for a dinner party and everyone loved it. Very moist. I did add a lemon powder sugar glaze over the top. I will definately make this again.
Reviewed by: D.J.
Tonight will be the third time I am making this recipe. I highly recommend, very easy and delicious!!
Reviewed by: Chesapeake Beach Bum
Absolutely delicious!!! I have made lemon bundt cake and NEVER before has mine ever been this incredibly moist and delicious. I used Mountain Dew and the frosting glaze as suggested by another person (4oz cream cheese, 2 cups confectioners sugar and freshly squeezed lemon). I did not detect a chemical residue as stated by others rating this recipe, maybe cooking it for 50 minutes helped out? The cake was gone within a day. I will certainly be making this again. Thanks.
Reviewed by: sharon b
This cake turned out moist and delicious because I read others opinions about a potentially chemical taste I became worried. When I did my toothpick test to see if it was ready the uncooked portion tasted chemically. I made 3 other different cakes for my party and never put this one w the others. two days later I figured I taste it before throwing it out. The cake was delicious! With the soda and all I followed the recipe exactly, so I'll go with the majority, it is perfect try it yourself. Oh I didn't even have icing!
Reviewed by: MARILYNJ100
One of the best Bundt Cakes around! Everyone loves it and can't seem to get enough of it. I frosted with a Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting also from this site, GRRRREAT!!!!!!
Reviewed by: Chicaloca
Very moist and yummy!
Reviewed by: craigsimi
Yummie! Followed the recipe exactly. Had it in the oven for longer though..but easy to figure out with a tooth pick when cake is ready.
Reviewed by: baileybaker
I loved this! Every time I make I get rave reviews!! Thanks! I put a sweet lemon glaze on it as well.
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