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Perfect for a cold winter's morning, this hearty, hefty bake is warm, gooey, chewy and crunchy. You'll feast upon biscuits, ham, apples, raisins, brown sugar, maple syrup, pecans, apple pie spice and a shot of bourbon!

Plantation Ham Cakes

Recipe by: Barbara J. Morgan
Ground ham, onions and broccoli are melded with cornmeal, Asiago cheese, eggs, garlic and a sprinkling of dried basil and anise seed, to make tender fried patties for a post-holiday brunch.

Jane's Ham Puffs

Recipe by: Kimber
My friend Jane in Denver first served this to me in the 80's and I've been making ever since. Different way to use cooked ham, and very nice for a brunch-type serving. Mini ham and cheese souffles are baked until golden, then served with a mushroom sauce. You may substitute the mushroom sauce with another sauce if you wish.
A no-roll crust means you can put this fetching favorite together in a jiffy.

Easy Quiche

Recipe by: MISHY
This is an easy mix it up in one bowl and cook recipe. I make it for every brunch I attend. You may substitute chopped spinach for the broccoli if you wish.

Ham Salad Pitas

Recipe by: SLAUSON
These stuffed pita are a great use for leftovers! I combined a couple of different recipes to come up with this mixture. The almonds and grapes really compliment the ham.

Autumn Spice Ham Steak

A ham steak smothered in maple flavored red and green apples, then sprinkled with cinnamon.
The slow cooker makes it easy to prepare this delightful dish. Potatoes, Cheddar and ham are slowly cooked in a creamy sauce.
Flour tortillas are filled with an egg, ham and green onion scramble to make an irresistible breakfast wrap.
Pasta and asparagus are tossed with a Parmesan cream sauce flavored with a pinch of cayenne and flecked with diced ham.