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Reviewed by: NikkysNiche
WOW! This was SO good! I didn't have any breadcrumbs around, so I ground up some cheddar chex mix (delicious!). I also doubled the stuffing. If you double the stuffing, I would actually suggest baking the lobster for a few minutes first, and then putting the stuffing on top for the last 5 minutes or so... our stuffing started to burn (I actually took it off the lobster in the middle of cooking, and then put it back on towards the end) It looked so fancy! Try this! You won't be disappointed!
Reviewed by: Dack
This is a great way to jazz up your lobster tail. I read other reviews and decided to broil lobster breifly before adding stuffing to make sure the lobster did get thoroughly cooked. I then added sesoned stuffing to lobster and broiled until stuffing was cooked. Only takes 4-9 minutes. Very quick, very good, and very easy. Great recipe.
Reviewed by: Karen
This was wonderful. I made it for my husband for Father's day and we loved it. I thought it was very easy to prepare and looked great coming off the grill. This is now an all time favorite. Thanks for sharing!!!
Reviewed by: Lillian
Delish stuffing! I didn't grill it, I baked it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.I'll probably use this stuffing in other dishes like...stuffed shrimp, mushrooms and in puffed pastry as an appy.Sooo good!!!
Reviewed by: Kristen
Delicious. Had 4 small lobster tails -- single batch of stuff was more than sufficient. Cooking time seemed perfect as well.
Reviewed by: DWILLE
The crab stuffing was awesome. I am going to use it often. Plan to make Filet Mignon stuffed with crab and this recipe will be perfect.
Reviewed by: OLJJ
I spent a fortune on the lobster and this was awful.
The only reason this gets a 3 is because I change a few things so a 1/2 wouldn't be fair. First, the cayanne was overpowering, and we couldn't taste the crab! I dont like celery, so I used celery salt instead..always a good substitute. Then, the lobster cooked unevenly and the stuffing was burned on top and still cold on bottom. I don't have a grill, so I baked it at 425 F for 20 mins (this cooking method was from another recipe). When we spraped the stuffing off and dipped the lobster in lemon garlic butter, it was great! But that was plain lobster, w/o the wierd stuffing. I would recomend using fewer spices if you want to be able to taste the crab, and if you're a spicy whimp like me. The worst part.....the lobster tails took me 1/2 hr to cut opn two!!! sooooo much hard work.
Reviewed by: WASAPI
Reviewed by: PJMKIM
This is a very simple, rich stuffing recipe that isn't just butter and ritz crackers. I have used it to stuff jumbo shrimp when lobster is not an option. I usually double the stuffing, even for only 2 people. I am really pleased with this dish!
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