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Reviewed by: Blake
This recipe was FANTASTIC! I did make a couple minor changes by adding in some all purpose flour (a small handful) and a little worchestire sauce. I also used about 1/2 of the bourbon required (not a big bourbon fan). I let it cook in my crook pot for about 2.5 hrs. Boy was it juicy and flavorful. My boyfriend is a picky when he requested to have this dish again, I knew it was a keeper. Thanks a bunch!
Reviewed by: Jenn
I enjoyed this, though it didn't totally knock my socks off. I could taste the bourbon flavor and would probably add slightly more brown sugar next time. I also thought the cooking temp and/or time was off. I cooked about 1.5 pounds of tenderloin, and it was not even close to being done after 45 minutes. I'm thinking the cook temp should be 425, not 325. With all that said, the meat was very tender and juicy, and the marinade does complement the flavor of the meat nicely.
Reviewed by: Stucki
Still waiting to see how it tastes, but right off the bat I'll tell you the temp/time is off. It sure smells good though!
Reviewed by: CARRIEMC
This is my favorite pork tenderloin recipe. However, instead of brown sugar I use about 1 cup of apricot preserves. It gives it the sweetness of fruit along with the soy sauce and bourbon. I also rub salt and pepper on the meat prior to putting the sauce over it.
Reviewed by: Jayne
Made this for a date ... not sure if he fell in love with me, but he sure did this recipe!'s a must try!
Reviewed by: JOHNMONIHAN
THIS WAS WONDERFUL!! I chose this one, and it was made exactly as the recipe directed. I wouldn't change a thing. I made enough for 8 servings, so I used 2 1.5lb tenderloins. I pricked each with a fork before marinating for maximum absorbtion. I doubled the cooking time, but cooked at 325 degrees. Meat was very flavorful, with barely a hint of bourbon. I thought the soy would be too salty, but it wasn't. The brown sugar helped temper the soy sauce. Wonderful recipe. A guaranteed "will make again".
Reviewed by: M. Bailey
good, easy marinade...may add just a bit more garlic and cook less next time
Reviewed by: Damaris
This was awesome!! Very tender and tasty.
Reviewed by: Lisa in Phoenix
WOW!! Very good. After reading the other comments, I added flour to the marinade. I couldn't get enough of it. My husband raved - said it was A++ / 5 star and can't wait to have it again.
Reviewed by: boots
Easy, kids like it, like the reduction sauce as other reviewers mentioned, allow extra cooking time. Great "Go to recipe"!
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