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Reviewed by: Janie
Good Recipe. Much lower fat than what you can find at the grocery store. I will make this again, but will cut the amount of the cloves and vinegar in half. The amount overpowered the overall taste. My family loves breakfast burritos and I used half of the meat plus some other ingredients to make 11 burritos. There was only one left this morning.
Reviewed by: chvickers
Excellent once I realized the recipe called for American-style chili powder and not just ground chiles, and *Spanish* paprika instead of the normal Hungarian paprika. (We don't all live in the US, so specific instructions as to what kind of "chili powder" and "paprika" would have been nice - they do differ immensely from country to country).
Reviewed by: kellyg73
I thought this was quite good. My husband and I are from California but living in Denmark. We really miss the Mexican Chorizo, and this really hit the spot. I did add a splash of red wine to the mix as I have seen it suggested in other recipes.
Reviewed by: goldschwinn
Great recipe as is. To respondent chvickers: chorizo is Spanish in origin, so it stands to reason that the paprika called for would the Spanish variety. Moreover, since when is Hungarian paprika considered "normal" paprika? You're correct, not everyone resides in the U.S. - but how does that sarcastic comment enlighten the reader???
Reviewed by: REDFIORO
I love this recipe! The only time I don't make my own chorizo now is when I get given it as a gift. Thanks!
Reviewed by: tonimendez
good base recipe,,,but it's much better if you eliminate the chili powder,,authentic chorizo doesnt have it,,and tastes so much better without it...definitely used more paprika,,,has to be deep in color,,and most importantly,,,replace the vinegar with freshly squeezed lemon juice...makes all the difference in the parents used to make this all the time..absolutely delicious...stores brands could never compare..also,,elminite the cloves,,do need them last tidbit...use a cheese cloth or put in a strainer,,want to let the excess liquid drain out,,,still keeps the flavor though!!!
Reviewed by: CHODESH
I really like chorizo, but don't like the commercial chorizo because it's too fatty and it looks like they grind all sort of meats to it. I wanted to grind my own pork and find the recipe to make a healthier chorizo, this recipe was what I was looking for.
Reviewed by: Sharon M.
Easy to make and worth the effort. This chorizo is better than any I have found in the stores. Use it with any recipe; it has a wonderful flavor.
Reviewed by: Renae Sattazahn
Added garlic powder, more paprika, omitted cloves. For the future, I will add a pinch ground coriander and 1/4 tsp cumin. I did my research, and this combo was the best pork chorizo recipe I could find. I loved it!! I made a double batch and am freezing it.
Reviewed by: TIMETELLS
This is sooo good! It reminds me of the chorizo that my great grandmother use to make.
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