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Reviewed by: Kelzz4
I made this for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, it was a hit! Everyone enjoyed it, I make it for every holiday now, my family looks forward to it! :)
Reviewed by: WENSMITH
If you want to do this quick, it's pretty good with pre-made Guacamole, but naturally it tastes the best with fresh homemade.
Reviewed by: cjs21
This dip was amazing! I decided to make a "lighter" version by using ground turkey and added taco seasoning for some extra flavor. The instead of making guac I bought a guac falvoring packet and added the avacods- it made it much easier. Other than those two changes I did everything else exactly as stated using lighter verisons of all ingredients. I will definitely be making this again!
Reviewed by: jrh
made this for the Super Bowl and everyone just loved it....I added a bit more sour cream(12oz) and about the same for the Guac...chlled it for a few hours and then took it out about a half hour before I needed it....a HUGE hit, and will make again for sure!!
Reviewed by: Leishe
I loved this! I have made 7 layer dip many times before, but always without the meat. I followed the advice of other reviewers and added a pack of taco seasoning to the beef, I will certainly make this again as everyone loved it at the Super Bowl party ... thanks for the recipe!
Reviewed by: Amninta
This was *amazing* I had it for my baby shower and it was a big hit. Some changes we made - after spreading the beans & cheese, microwave for like 30 seconds to just melt the cheese a little bit. I know that the beef is supposed to do that, but I think this helps cook the beans a little. Also, we skipped the black olives, tomatoes & green onions on top. I agree that it's best at room temp, but it's still good out of the fridge.
Reviewed by: DezC
This was great! I used taco sauce instead of salsa and followed the tip to melt the cheese on the meat a little. I also didn't use any olives. Guests loved it. One note though, is that it is best served freshly made before the event.
Reviewed by: A. Brotherton
Delicious! Replaced tomatos with red pepper.
Reviewed by: Barbara Harrison
I thought it was very bland. The refried beans needs shakes of hot sauce added and taco sauce... also very difficult to spread the cream cheese on ground beef!!!!!! wow!!! need to spread the cream cheese mixed with the guacamole first then sprinkle the ground beef!!! also needs some garlic powder mixed with the cream cheese..... 1 star for this dip. wonder if people have never made taco dip before...... made it for a birthday party and no rave reviews on this one................ oh well. i am sure that i am not the only one who thought this recipe needed help.
Reviewed by: jd4440_girl
I took this to family gatherings over the holidays and got RAVE reviews!!! I added cooked beef and removed the baked beans also. It was fantastic!!
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