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Reviewed by: kkbstock
This was an amazing cake! Thank you so much for this recipe.
Reviewed by: isabel navarrete
i think this cake looks good
Reviewed by: kraley
I didn't feel like taking time for the cake part today, so I just used a yellow box cake. I punched holes in the top and then followed instructions. AMAZING! It looked like a lake of sauce and then, the cake soaked it up (after a few minutes) and it left you with a super-moist layer, a cake-like layer and then the delicious whipped cream finish. I did add some vanilla and confec. sugar to the whipped cream. I topped it with toasted coconut. KEEPER!!
Reviewed by: CATATENNUI
I made this for my brothers graduation party, and it was awesomely fabulous! EVERYBODY loved it! It is deceptively light tasting, so you feel like you could just keep eating more and more. Probably not the best idea. I used strawberries instead of cherries. Muy delicioso!
Reviewed by: 1smartcookie
Amazing cake - authentic and really better than Grandma's according to my friend from Mexico City. Thank you Monica - you made me a star!
Reviewed by: CookingMomma3
This case taste wonderful! The reason i gave it 4 rather then 5 stars was because the cake fell so much. Even with the fallen cake it was great and i will make it again!
Made it for a coworkers birthday I wanted a change and it definately did give me that. It was hit and miss. The girl I made it for promptly req. my cheesecake next time. Another wanted the recipe and still raves about it! It was sweet and messy. Hard to make presentable. Maybe a home cake for family...would not take for others to present as a birthday cake. Serve with strong coffee to cut the sweet!
Reviewed by: pnksweethrt
Very good! Everyone in my family loved it! I followed the recipe just like it said - I did keep the leftover milk mixture in the fridge for another cake! :D Super easy and super yummy! Everyone needs to make this cake!!!
Reviewed by: CAROL M
Delicious. Followed Rebecca V2 advice snd used cake flour. Added sugar to egg whites, at first I thought I had ruined the whites because it was soupy. But I continued beating about 9 minutes with a hand beater and they came out looking like whipped cream, which made folding into cake mixture very easy. It didn't have all those air bubbles.
Reviewed by: cherny2004
Awesome cake. Fairly complex to make considering the number of steps involved, as well as the number of utensils required (it's somewhat messy). The result, however, was REALLY good and most definitely worth the work. The cake was such a hit it didn't last very long at all in the fridge; we ate it so fast!
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