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Reviewed by: Jenny
Excellent. The only change I made was that I baked this in mini loaf pans which took about 35 minutes.
Reviewed by: Barbara Y
I made this today and it is nearly all gone my husband and visitors went crazy eating it. It is so moist and really excellent.
Reviewed by: ELIZRA
This is an interesting "quick" bread. Dense, sweet and excellent toasted this bread is bound to become one of your favorites. If you use full flavor molasses decrees to 3/4 cup and if you love raisins (like my family) this recipe can definitely handle 1 c. or more. To keep it from browning too much, tent it lightly with foil half way through the cooking time. This bread is great warm out of the oven and is a filling breakfast toast. Don't forget to to the baked bread (especially toasted) with butter!
Reviewed by: Audra Slusher
I love this bread. My mom always baked it in small coffe cans for the cutest little round loaves.
Reviewed by: jailhousecook
This turned out excellent! Instead of making 1 large loaf, I made 4 mini loaves and they were done after 30 minutes. A very quick and simple thing to make and I'll be making it again I'm sure.
Reviewed by: Betty
Loved this recipe. I made it just as indicated which I always do first. It came together quickly and was delightful. One different step I did do was to bake at 350 degrees and tented for the last 15 min like one of the reviewers suggested - then used the tin foil to wrap loosely. Delicious. Thanks Much
Reviewed by: Becky
Yum! Lowered the temp to 370 (but I'm at high altitude, so the temp was good for me). Made one loaf with raisins and one without... will never make it without raisins again! Next time I might try to cut back on the molasses a little and sub some brown sugar instead, to mellow the flavor a little. But awesome! THANK YOU!
Reviewed by: Chuck
I would recommend baking this recipe in smaller loaf pans. Making it in one 5 x 9 caused the outside to get very well done before the inside was done. Otherwise excellent in every way.
Reviewed by: HEIDI IN TN
Great recipe, BUT I did change it to make it more like the true Boston Brown Bread. I used equal portions of white, wheat and rye flour. (Next time I will try using corn meal which is what is in the original Brown Bread recipes.) I took the raisins ( 2/3 cup) and mixed them in with one egg and let sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours ( adding at the end). I baked the bread in a loaf pan at 350* for approximately one hour, tenting for the last 15 minutes. When done, I removed from the pan and placed the bread inside the foil that I used to tent the bread and wrapped it loosely...This gave it the steamed affect....It was pretty close to the old B&M Boston Brown Bread (in a can). I am sure this recipe is fine just as is...I just have the habit of changing recipes that I come across. Enjoy!! (An old Bostonian)
Reviewed by: Marika
This was so good. Got home from work, mixed it and poured into a pan. It was just delicious. I, also, lowered temp to 350 for the baking. Thank you!!!
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