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Reviewed by: DrMom
This was my first ever Pavlova and, WOW, did I get great reviews from the family. Made it for Easter dessert and there was not a scrap left. This is now a family tradition for Easter.
Reviewed by: JMDSMOM
Everyone absolutely loved this! I didn't use parchment paper, I just put some corn starch on my silpat and it worked great. I have made it using just strawberries, kiwi and reapberries. Will maybe try chocolate and caramel next. Great recipe!
Reviewed by: PRVRBS31GAL
My first attempt at a meringue of any sort. Came out fabulously. I cheated and used Cool Whip instead of real heavy cream... I will do the same next time, but decrease sugar to 1 cup because it was just a tad too sweet... but wonderful! I doubt I'll ever try another recipe! The other thing is that everyone liked the 'crust' the best, so the next time I make it I'll shape into individual serving sizes so we can all have a larger ratio of the crispy part. Thanks for a great recipe... easy and so impressive with strawberries, kiwis, and blueberries on top!
Reviewed by: kiki
It was good and easy to make but I think there wasn't enough mixture for the size f the circle... I think when I make it again it will be about 5 or 6 inches.
Reviewed by: MuffinPuffin317
WOW. I followed the recipe exactly, except for putting cornstarch on the parchment. I topped it with about half a pint of whipped cream, almost unnoticeably sweetened with about 2 1/2 tsp. of confectioner's sugar, and kiwifruit, strawberries, and raspberries. When I served it, the room went silent except for moans of pleasure and comments on how delicious it was. Unfortunately, mine sank somewhat and cracked a lot, so it was not particularly beautiful. Next time I will make it early and leave it in the oven for an hour or more. I have a feeling I will be asked to make this many more times.
Reviewed by: SUEY68
This was simply outstanding. I made it for Easter dinner, and my husband said it was "restaurant quality." I followed the tip of crunching the parchment paper and sprinkling cornstarch on it. It did help it come off the paper. I also left the dessert in the oven overnight. There was quite a bit of cracking, but it got covereed with the whipped cream. This was delicious and easy to make!! I'll definitely do again.
Reviewed by: Ellen
Thank you for the recipe. It turns out so good and my husband loves it! It is quite easy as long as you follow the excellent tips as well!
Reviewed by: VALERIEANN_
I used this recipe as a birthday dessert for my daughter who is trying to stay away from sugar and carbs. Instead of a cake, we had this. Because I told everyone that I didn't add any sugar to the whipped cream or fruit, at first they thought it would taste terrible. But as soon as they tasted it, everyone loved it!! The meringue base adds plenty of sweetness to compliment the plain cream and the tart fruit. I made two, and with one I fussed more with spreading the meringue, trying to make it look nice, and it cracked much more. The one that I spread with a minimal amount of shaping turned out better. I also followed the other suggestions about preparing the parchment and leaving it in the oven to cool several hours. I had a bowl of cut strawberries to pass so people could add more. Delicious!
Reviewed by: Liz
An absolute hit!!! I made pavlova for the very first time using this recipe and it was loved by all. Even my husband who is generally not a fan, was raving about it. Now I am about to make the recipe times 12 for an Aussie event coming up. Can't wait to share this yumminess with the world!
Reviewed by: lulu
very nice recipe! i will not follow anyone's advice to let pavlova cool overnight again. i burned this twice on xmas day by preheating the oven without looking in the oven. be careful! scraped off the burnt bits from the second one and it was still delicious!
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