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Reviewed by: Kimmy
After reading the reviews, I was reluctant in making these cookeie. THEY TURNED OUT AWESOME!!! I did use a SilPat cookie sheet liner while baking and I kept them to a teaspoon drop per each cookie. Be brave and try to make them before you "write them off." They are super easy and require minimal ingredients. They are worth it and I can't wait to take them to a party or cookout this summer.
Reviewed by: nursemn09
It's too bad that people put such bad reviews because I tried this recipe and it was just perfect for what I wanted! I made them very tiny, about teaspoon sized, and cooked for 7 mins at 350. I then made mint filling and made homemade mint oreo sandwiches. They were PERFECT! They are a little tough to get off the pan but I switched to a metal spatula and that was just fine. Just make sure to leave them on the hot pan for about 2 minutes. Also, they do flatten out so if you put them too big/close together-- then yes they will run together. But mine formed into perfect circles for my oreos! I even refrigerated them (bc of the filling) and they were still chewy! Just watch baking time because I left my last batch on the pan for about 5 mins and they were more dry & crunchy. The rest were perfect baking 7 mins, sitting on pan for 2 mins.
Reviewed by: btflyer
I read most of the reviews for this recipe, and agree that chilling the dough first is a good idea. Most chocolate brownie cookie recipes work better with the dough chilled. I did cut back the butter that is listed to 3/4 cup this help to make the cookies stand up rather than spread out. All in all it is a good recipe and the cookies are delicious.
Reviewed by: Amy
They taste great, but the cookies came out totally flat. It surprised me because the batter was really thick when I spooned it out. They're definitely chewy and chocolately but way too thin for my liking.
Reviewed by: amy
My family really liked these cookies. I refrigerated the dough about 20 min. before making the balls, lightly sprayed the cookie sheets with no-stick spray and made small balls. I didn't have any problems with sticking or spreading and they were good-looking small round cookies. I actually would like to give these a 4 and a half stars.
Reviewed by: MRW
GREAT cookies! I think the people who have complained might have used low-cholesterol margerines, which are not good for baking. Be sure to look for "Great for Baking!" on the labels, and never use a whipped margerine for cooking. I actually didn't have any baking margerine so I substituted 1/2 cup butter and 3/4 cup butter-flavored shortening. They turned out great! I added some pink Komen Foundation M&Ms into the mix for a little extra color and chocolate. :-)
Reviewed by: LisaLong
Awesome. I like to make ice cream sandwiches out of these. So good.
Reviewed by: robinmaguire
I threw these together last-minute to take to a potluck at work. They were so quick and easy, and I was able to make them with basic ingredients I had on hand. One comment I got was that they had "the perfect chocolate flavor."
Reviewed by: Happy Dumplin
I really liked these. I wanted some cookies but didn't have any chocolate chips. I left out the nuts and put a full cup of cocoa powder in them and they are yummy. Almost like a brownie, but not. They turned out perfect. Didn't stick to the greased cookie sheet. I will keep this recipe in the books! **UPDATE** I kept these cookies in a container on the counter and they lasted a long while (I made a lot!). They stayed soft and chewy. Some people said they got better every day! Love these cookies!!
Reviewed by: CookieGoddess83
This recipe made beautiful cookies! I used 2 sticks(1 cup) of butter instead of margarine, and baked them for 6.5 minutes and they turned out awesome! Very chocolatey and just the right amount of chewy. I had no problems with them sticking to the pan.
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